Augur (REP) Price, Chart, Market Cap and Exchanges : Augur is a forecast market platform that rewards you for properly anticipating future real-world occasions

Augur (REP) – a decentralized prediction market platform

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Augur [REP] – Unique Factors

  • recast the result of real-world events.
  • Earn real-money trading profits.
  • Amazingly precise projections on any type of topic.

 Augur [REP] – Market Cap


The highlight of Augur is decentralization. It offers Augur an one-of-a-kind side over various other prediction markets

Augur [REP] -Main Features

  • No main servers
  • Create your own markets
  • Low costs
  • Crowdsourced reporting
  • Safe, automated payments

 What is Reputation ($REP)

Reputation is the token behind Augur, as well as can be taken the “score” of a specific participant within Augur. Reputation is not a financial investment, yet instead a device essential to earn Augur work. Credibility tokens are restricted to a repaired supply of 11,000,000, of which 80% was sold in our public token sale last year for a collective ~$5,300,000.

What are the benefits of possessing $REP?

By having Online reputation and taking part in the precise reporting on the outcomes of occasions, you are entitled to a part of Augurs market costs. Each Credibility token qualifies you to 1/ 22,000,000 of Augurs overall market charges.Augur altcoin news, Augur altcoin mining, Augur best altcoin to mine, Augur altcoin price, Augur altcoin market cap, Augur altcoin exchanges, Augur altcoin bubble, Augur altcoin profitability, Augur Altcoins price today, Augur bitcoin cash, Augur bitcoin price chart, Augur altcoin mining software.

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