A brand-new patent filing from Boeing suggests that the aircraft manufacturing titan is considering how blockchain can help protect in-flight GPS receivers.

In a patent application released last Thursday by the U.S. Patent as well as Hallmark Workplace, the designer of the world’s most popular airliner details an “onboard back-up and anti-spoofing GPS system” that would be used if an airplane’s primary system comes to be unreliable or nonfunctioning.

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GPS “spoofing” is a practice whereby fake signals are used to effectively deceive other receivers. Such attacks can be utilized to puzzle a GENERAL PRACTITIONER receiver concerning the actual location of other things.

Inning accordance with the application, blockchain data would certainly be made use of as a backup record of details in the event that the anti-spoofing system spots prospective trouble.

The filing states:

” The technique even more determines if the GENERAL PRACTITIONER signals, obtained by the GPS receiver, are spoofed GPS signals and also, then, fetches position information from the block-chain storage component if the GPS receiver is not getting the GPS signals or is obtaining spoofed GENERAL PRACTITIONER signals.”

The backup would certainly keep ecological info received from the GPS, permitting it to function as a failsafe to stop pilots from obtaining shed by offering all of the information a GENERAL PRACTITIONER typically would. The system can be put on any type of kind of car, both manned and also unmanned, according to the application.

Additionally, the style is placed in the filing as a feedback to an absence of fail-over technologies that could verify information about a lorry’s location. As a result, if a GENERAL PRACTITIONER system does suffer a blackout or spoofing strike, “navigators, air web traffic controllers, and also goal planners are not able to adjust and also react with self-confidence.”

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