Bytecoin (BTE) Price, Chart, Market Cap and Exchanges: Bytecoin is a 1:1 duplicate of bitcoin with a brand-new blockchain. All requirements are specifically the same as in Bitcoin. The origin of Bytecoin: The initial objective of BTE was to make a Bitcoin clone 1:1 copy to ensure that it could be (in the future) worth a nice little bit. It additionally intended to provide an opportunity for individuals that lost out on the Bitcoin launch, who are currently making thousands of thousands from it. BTE died off slowly as all these coins came crashing down into the purgatory.

Bytecoin (BTE)

Bytecoin provides individuals a real option to the climbing troubles of other coins while keeping all the important things that made Bitcoin so effective.

Bytecoin BTE (BTE) – Market Cap


Bytecoin specs:

  • SHA-256 Algo
  • 50 coins each block
  • Re-target every 2016 blocks
  • 21 million complete coins
  • 6 block verifications

Bytecoin mining  pools:

Active Bytecoin nodes:,,,,,

Bytecoin (BTE) – Official Website

Bytecoin official website with pocketbook downloads:

Constantly keep in mind to use the current client variation from official Bytecoin website.

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