A new license application from Intel suggests that the tech titan is looking at means to utilize the power used up throughout cryptocurrency mining for the sequencing of genetic data.

In the license application, initial submitted June 2016 as well as released by the UNITED STATE Patent and also Trademark Workplace on Thursday, inventors Ned Smith as well as Rajesh Poornachandran define a kind of computer system called a series mining platform (SMP) which would identify the order or nucleobases in a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA).

Nucleobases are the molecules that comprise DNA as well as RNA, which have the hereditary information within every living organism on the planet. The order of these bases establishes what physical qualities a person, plant or animal functions.

The license application keeps in mind that the SMP would certainly utilize a nucleobase sequencing device to in fact establish the order of nucleobases in an offered example, which would after that be verified by the blockchain prior to being permanently taped on it.


As the filing discusses:

” The here and now disclosure presents approaches and also apparatuses for completing additional beneficial operate in conjunction with blockchain mining. In particular, as explained in greater information below, the here and now disclosure introduces techniques and also devices for using data handling power of a data processing system to figure out a series of nucleobases in a nucleic acid, and for then using the figured out sequence of nucleobases as the basis for a [proof-of-work] for a new block for a blockchain.”

The combination of blockchain tech as well as genetic sequencing isn’t exactly brand-new, and cryptocurrency projects like genecoin have actually highlighted exactly how the energy-intensive mining procedure (through which new purchases are contributed to a blockchain with new coins being produced as a benefit) could be made an application for clinical objectives.

According to Intel’s application, proof-of-work algorithms “make it impractical for an aggressor or team of enemies to corrupt or pirate the blockchain.”

Nonetheless, unlike POW systems used by the bitcoin and also ethereum blockchains, the one discussed in Intel’s suggested layout would be multipurpose, as it would certainly lead to brand-new blocks while at the same time identifying the hereditary series from the data provided.

The POW algorithm would, as a result, be made use of to both determine the sequence as well as ultimately confirm it, according to the application, and the sequence recorded on one block would certainly be used as a base for the POW issues in the following block.

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