Komodo (KMD) Price, Chart, Market Cap and Exchanges: Komodo (sym. KMD) is the indigenous money of SuperNet platform which is a decentralised, peer to peer open source network which enables as well as assists in introducing of ICOs for new coins.

Komodo – Native Currency Of SuperNet Platform (KMD)

Komodo (KMD) – Market Cap

History of Komodo

Komodo is a fork of Zcash and also was introduced in September 2016. It preserved multiple functions of Zcash. The complete number of Komodo on the network is 100,945,510 KMD (difficult cap).

How Komodo Functions

Komodo has a native token called Komodo too. When a new business wants to launch an ICO using Komodo solutions like the blockchain and Komodo white tag options or create an own blockchain using Komodo’s framework, they should pay a charge. This cost is payable in Komodo.Komodo provides multiple services to the new coins as well as programmers including SuperNet which establishes different open source decentralised devices for the free market, EasyDEX (Easy Decentralized Exchange) which is a completely decentralised cryptocurrency exchange as well as PAX (Pegged Possession Exchange) which permits users to trade fiat money across boundaries, Iguana Multi-wallet which can hold numerous cryptocurrencies.The individual needs to pay a fee, in Komodo, to use these sources.

Why Komodo

Komodo makes life very simple for the programmers of the brand-new coins and has some unique advantages.

Yearly Revenue: Komodo token owners are entitled to 5% of the annual earnings. This is an assured revenue even if they are absolutely idle. This makes Komodo tokens an excellent asset.
Decentralised ICO: dICO is probably the largest benefit of SuperNet.
Independent blockchain: Komodo provides independent and also native blockchains to developers, giving them complete control over their coin and platform growth.
Independent Pocketbook: Komodo additionally offers white-label multi-currency pocketbook remedies which could be rebranded to any coin network, making it unimportant for programmers to establish a purse for their indigenous currency.
Micropayments options: Komodo enables micropayments making use of a super-fast lightning network where you could waive off any kind of purchase costs.
Definitely Scalable: Komodo makes use of side-chain modern technology which doesn’t load the major blockchain of the network yet gets everything done. Thus, every payment network could be scaled to a wonderful extent to sustain boosted organisation.
Fiat Pegged Assetchain: Developers could easily incorporate a real-time crypto to fiat bidirectional converter and integrate settlements API to any type of system, enabling mass adoption for their payment network.
Exclusive Deal: Zcash provides most likely the very best confidential repayment mode and Komodo makes the most of that to provide absolutely personal transactions on the network.
Multi-language Growth: Komodo enables Smart Agreements to be developed in multiple languages as well as has a considerable API collection, making it very easy for designers to either incorporate API or write contracts in a language they are comfortable in. Komodo news, Komodo mining, best Komodo to mine, Komodo price, Komodo market cap, Komodo exchanges, Komodo bubble, Komodo profitability, Komodo price today, bitcoin cash, Komodo price chart, Komodo mining software.

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