Steem (STEEM) Price, Chart, Market Cap and Exchanges: Steem (sym. STEEM) is the token money of the social media network Steemit which is built over the blockchain mechanism and where people generate income (STEEM tokens) for posting, sharing, curating as well as commenting contents.
Steem is divided right into STEEM and also Steem Dollars which are totally trade-able tokens.

Steem  – Token Currency Of The Social Network  (STEEM)

Steem (STEEM) – Market Cap

History of Steem

The concept of Steem was gone over in a whitepaper published in March 2016. Later on the year, Ned Scott and also Dan Larimer (maker of BitShares) established the company. They additionally arranged for the funds to continue the advancement of the platform.Steem began with a high inflationary supply design with 100% development annually. Nonetheless, later on in December 2016, the rising cost of living was reduced to 9.5% each year.
In July 2016, Steem market capitalisation got to $405 million.
In March 2017. Dan Larimer surrendered from the firm.

How Steem Functions

Steem has 2 various symbols, both of which are determined versus STEEM, the base token for the network.
STEEM Power is the STEEM which has actually been taken into Smart Agreement mode and also it assists individuals to gain even more impact on the network.Steem Dollars are STEEM tokens which are much more like an actual cryptocurrency and also can be transformed to Fiat money or made use of for repayments and purchases.Precisely 50% of whatever the user makes is given to him as STEEM and also the remaining 50% as Steem Dollars.The network additionally has an inner conversion exchange where STEEM could be utilized to buy Steem Dollars as well as vice versa. The procedure takes 3.5 days, approximately.Steem uses 75% of the reward to the authors as well as 25% of the incentive to the curators.Steem additionally offers a purse where the users can store their Steem Dollars or make use of for transactional objectives.

Why Steem

Steem aims to be a disruptive service in the cryptocurrency domain and also provides multiple advantages.

Virtually Free: There is no need to acquire or spend Steem as Steem could be earned for posting, curating or sharing components on the network and even for discussing the released materials. Thus, this cryptocurrency could be made for free.
Blockchain based: The solution utilises blockchains, which is the backbone of virtually every cryptocurrency. This brings solidity and also safety to the system.
Trade-able: Leading exchanges provide trade of Steem Dollars and also one could use Steem Dollars to purchase Bitcoins or Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.
Unlimited Potential: Steem is a social network, necessarily, and also hence, there is no limit where this network could reach. Facebook for example, is utilized by over a billion individuals, worldwide. Greater individuals brings better profits for the contributors. Steem news,  Steem mining, best  Steem to mine, Steem price, Steemmarket cap, Steem exchanges, Steem bubble,  Steem profitability,  Steem price today, bitcoin cash,  Steem price chart,  Steem mining software.

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