The International eXchange Coin – iXcoin (IXC) Price, Chart, Market Cap and Exchanges: iXcoin is the first Bitcoin clone, created in May 2011 simply a few weeks after the dispersed DNS Namecoin. The iXcoin fork of Bitcoin was developed by Thomas Nasakioto in May 2011.

The International eXchange Coin – iXcoin (IXC)

iXcoin (IXC) – Market Cap

IxCoin specifications and differences from Bitcoin

  • sha-256 algo
  • 21 million total coins
  • 96 coins per block
  • Shorter maturity period– all 21 million iXcoins will certainly have been
    produced by 2015
  • iXcoin maturation will certainly be gotten to ~ 18 years prior to Bitcoin’s. By
    mid-2013, the variety of IXC and also BTC will certainly reach parity (for a short
  • brand-new blockchain

iXcoin (IXC) – Official Websites

  • IxCoin official website:
  • IXC online forum:

Constantly keep in mind to utilize the most up to date IXC customer from the main site.

IxCoin can be merged mined with Bitcoin as well as various other essential sha-256 altcoins with ASIC miners. Recommened merged mining pool for IXC: altcoin news, IxCoin altcoin mining, IxCoin best altcoin to mine, IxCoin altcoin price, IxCoin altcoin market cap, IxCoin altcoin exchanges, IxCoin altcoin bubble, IxCoin altcoin profitability, IxCoin Altcoins price today, IxCoin bitcoin cash, IxCoin bitcoin price chart, IxCoin altcoin mining software.

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