In an interview with Fox Service, Tyler as well as Cameron Winklevoss have actually tested JPMorgan Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon to brief bitcoin on the futures market if he continues to be confident that bitcoin will certainly fall short in the future.

” We’ve been working truly tough to offer Jamie Dimon a chance to short bitcoin, as well as anyone who says that you recognize, it’s a scams or a bubble, you could go currently [as well as] place your cash where your mouth is, and also wager against it,” said Cameron.

Does Jamie Dimon Truly Believe Bitcoin misbehaves?

On December 14, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) became the first significant choices exchange and also banks to list bitcoin futures in collaboration with Gemini, a major US-based managed cryptocurrency exchange run by the Winklevoss doubles.

The listing of bitcoin futures by CBOE and also Gemini instantly provided a platform and also adequate liquidity for massive capitalists to either buy bitcoin or short the cryptocurrency. With the CBOE futures market, Cameron Winklevoss attempted Dimon to brief bitcoin and bet versus the long-lasting efficiency of the cryptocurrency if he really believes that bitcoin is a rip-off and also a fraudulence as he said previously.


A number of popular experts and also professionals in the cryptocurrency industry consisting of Ari Paul, the founder of Blocktower Funding, do not think that Jamie Dimon sees bitcoin as a fraud or a loan laundering tool. Rather, Paul thinks that Dimon comprehends bitcoin better than the majority of people on the market but is intentionally misinforming the general public due to the fact that he considers bitcoin as a danger to their supremacy over the international overseas banking market.

Paul discussed:

” So a lot of the financial stars, I think truly don’t comprehend just what it’s aiming to be. Jamie Dimon’s an exception. By all accounts, I know people who talked with him regarding cryptocurrency four years back. He obtains it, he comprehends it, possibly better than me and also he sees it, I assume, as a new competitor to JPMorgan. So he comprehends that JPMorgan gathers a great deal of costs for offering a storage of riches in a safe way that’s judgement resistant to clients, and also bitcoin does it an order of size better.

Dimon had slammed as well as condemned bitcoin in the past not as a result of its architectural, technological, as well as conceptual imperfections, yet rather since he considers it as a competitor to JPMorgan’s offshore financial procedure, which represents most of the financial institution’s revenues.

This is a favorable and also optimistic indication for the long-term growth of bitcoin nevertheless, given that major banks like JPMorgan are being intimidated by the exponential development rate of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market.

Tyler Winklevoss Motivates Dimon to Personally Wager Versus Bitcoin

In addition to Cameron’s comments, Tyler Winklevoss further urged Dimon to directly bet versus bitcoin through the futures market and also take JPMorgan’s balance sheet with it.

“We urge Jamie Dimon, we encourage him to personally wager against it, bitcoin, take J.P. Morgan’s annual report, wager versus bitcoin. We’ll see what happens,” mentioned Winklevoss.

Given that JPMorgan and also Goldman Sachs are preparing to clear bitcoin futures in behalf of their clients and help their consumers into the bitcoin market, it is highly not likely that Dimon or other bankers will certainly short bitcoin because they do not absolutely think bitcoin will certainly not succeed.

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